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"Everyone was delighted with Nani’s talk at our Redondo Beach Library.  She was fun, engaging and knowledgeable." 

 Amy Feller, Programs and Outreach Librarian, Redondo Beach Library

"The teachers were over the moon about how much the students owned to project because the words came directly from them and it was completely curriculum integrated... not just the no bullying / tolerance theme, but a beautiful reinforcement of what they had been studying." 

 Jill Burnham,
Education Manager, Los Angeles Opera

"The kids loved it! So did I. We received many compliments from coworkers and their students ... kudos to Nani. It was quite a joy!" 

 Michelle Needle, Teacher, Vena Avenue Elementary School

"As a trained vocalist, Nani is amazing...her voice is enchanting and inspiring!  I could listen to her for hours.  But her real talent is her ability to make someone feel empowered, seen, and significant when she is working with our patients on a 1:1 basis.  Nani is an important member of the Rancho family and we are grateful for her continued commitment to using music as a way to experience emotional and physical healing." 

 Deborah Arroyo Executive Director
Rancho Los Amigos Foundation


“Nani has been a dear community partner with Alzheimer’s Los Angeles for the past few years. The work Nani does with our participants, care partners and people living with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia, is magical. She does a wonderful job at facilitating and connecting with the participants while performing. It’s amazing to see that you can instantly see how music shifts the participants’ mood, manage agitation, stimulate positive interactions, facilitate cognitive function and coordinate motor movements. Specifically with dementia, memory is impacted but when it comes to music, it’s so interesting to see how they are able to recall lyrics and hum the melody to a tune from their era. Our participants look forward to the sessions Nani facilitates every month and have expressed how impactful of a program it is to the person that they are caring for. Thank you Nani for providing such unforgettable music sessions to lift the spirits of the families we serve at Alzheimer’s Los Angeles.”

Annie Oh,
Manager, Support Groups and Activity Programs
Alzheimer's Los Angeles

"Nani is one of the most caring and incredible singers we have had at CHLA. She sang with our young patients in the waiting room while waiting for surgery or other scary procedures. Her voice soothed and calmed not only the patient but also their parents. We are so grateful for her warm voice and soothing demeanor. "

Sarah P.,
Coordinator, The Child Life Program
Children's Hospital Los Angeles 


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