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"Nani is an absolute gem! She immediately made our 11 year old daughter feel at ease from the minute she met her. She is always smiling and enthusiastic and very positive in the way she critiques the young singer-in training, and always encouraging! We would highly recommend her - we are fortunate to have her!" 

Hanan P.

"Nani makes me feel really comfortable and excited about working to be my best. She has a great grasp of operatic technique but has also helped me with Jazz standards and exercises that make my body feel more present, as well as my voice. I'm looking forward to continuing!" 

Blake W.

"Nani is a true professional! I couldn't be happier with my experience. A novice singer, I've been intimidated by the concept of vocal lessons for some time now. Nani made me feel completely comfortable and supported. Her instruction is clear and constructive. I learned so much and look forward to our work together." 

Whitney B.

"Excellent instructor for my 8 year old son. Nani is very encouraging and assigns tasks and activities that keep him engaged and interested in learning and playing more. She is very knowledgeable and will design the appropriate lesson plan based on you or your child's abilities." 

Elijah A.

"Nani is such a warm and encouraging piano teacher for my 10 year old son, and he has learned so much in such a short span of time.  He has learned music theory and note reading, while studying both classical and pop music to perform.  She clearly knows so much about music as an opera singer herself, and has a passion that infuses everything.  Her sweetness and enthusiasm make the learning process very fun--we could not be more fortunate to have found her!"

Alison r.

"I have been working with Nani for almost 6 years. She is amazing!!! When I started working with her I was hanging around the altos in choir, knowing I could hit some higher notes and not hit some of the lower ones. She taught me that singing is like working a muscle. By stretching and exercising the muscle, I was able to develop and strengthen my head voice. I identify as a soprano now! She is entertaining, inspiring, and kind. She is a teacher and friend. Forever grateful!!"


I wanted to help my granddaughter to learn piano and how to read music. Wandering around the choices, I found Nani. She was accessible and easy to communicate with, and this was in the early period of COVID-19 lockdown. She adapted brilliantly and helped us with introducing my 12 year old granddaughter to the piano and to reading music. Remotely!
This is a teacher who obviously loves music and teaching. She's been wonderfully adaptive to the whole situation of teaching and learning during COVID. And, there's great chemistry with her and her student, at least as far as the feedback that granddad gets:)  
I wholeheartedly recommend Nani to any parent, or grandparent, as a children's piano teacher. My experience was for a young girl beginning to learn about piano. I hope to check back in later with observations about Nani as to a more advanced student as my granddaughter may continue and progress. If I had to guess, I'd say Nani can teach and inspire students well beyond beginner level. Hope to find out.

Eric S.

My sons and I have been voice and piano students of Nani for nearly 4 years and she has made our musical journeys so incredible. She approaches her student's needs with individualized lesson plans weaving theory with practice throughout her approach. 
She makes learning music fun and helps address fears of performing to an audience with empathy and patience. Her home is filled with beloved pets that have become family and she opens her heart to all her students. 
There are music teachers and there are teachers who teach students how to understand and love music so they can achieve their goals; whether that's to apply to a musical conservatory, audition for a recital or play, or just to be able learn how to sing harmonies with others, Nani is ready to support you every step of the way. 
You don't want to put your children or your own musical journey in the wrong hands as it could lead to a loss of love for piano or singing. I know because I had a terrible teacher when I was in my teens and I didn't want to play piano anymore as a result; what a shame! 
Nani achieves progress and growth in her students in a way that is both challenging and rewarding. She truly is the musical coach that everyone needs.

Normia A.

I absolutely recommend Nani and will definitely take her lessons again! I was working on a demo for the 2016 Chinese Voice competition so I figured to get some professional help. Nani turned out to be the perfect teacher for this! She is a professional opera singer and very passionate about singing. She is very friendly and has a great sense of humor. Her teaching methodology is very scientific, and she taught me techniques that I can apply immediately, and I was able to solve the two biggest struggles in singing after 2 lessons with her. I'm looking forward to improve my singing by taking more Nani's lessons in the future! =D

Jialing Li

Nani makes lessons fun and enjoyable and is class act on and off stage. Her innate musicality and knowledge of the industry will be invaluable to you as a student!

Teacher's Studio

 I have been seeing Nani for a little under a year, and she is absolutely incredible! She's been extremely supportive of my singing abilities and has helped me regain my confidence in singing (after some time away from performing). From a musical standpoint, she is an incredible singer and knows not just about music and singing techniques, but also how to incorporate and use the whole body when you sing. As a teacher and mentor, she is patient, empowering and tailors her lessons for each of her students. When we had to social distance, Nani quickly uploaded a bunch of warm-ups and sheet music (with piano tracks) online so we could easily practice at home. Our Zoom lessons are filled with the same care, joy and love that she brings to her in-person sessions. I'm so glad I've found her because she's helped me so much already and I know she will help me grow more!

Mona L.

Nani is a long time colleague of mine as well as my son's vocal instructor. She is the consummate artist - her technique and delivery in her own performances are stunning, but she also has the unique ability to be able to teach and impact young musicians. Whether I am performing with Nani or my son is taking a lesson, each session is filled with joy. Nani's instruction is fun and accessible for the kids but is packed with top notch technical instruction. She has an enormous music vocabulary but at the same time is able to express it in simple enough terms for my 7 year old to excel. Whether you are looking for lessons for your beginning child or looking to advance your technique as an accomplished musician, I highly recommend lessons with Nani!

Stephanie B.

I wanted my son to be able to read music and carry a tune.  We bounced from teacher to teacher until we found Nani.  She is brilliant.  Amazingly accomplished she sings with artists like Renée Fleming and Cindy Lauper's people wrote a special rendition of True Colors just for her.  But you would never know it given her total down to earth attitude.  
Her support and encouragement would have anyone coming back. Three years later my son sings well and has finished Level 3 Basics of Keyboard Theory.  Check and check!  I'm even starting to think about lessons...

Lindsay P.

I found Nani through a now defunct website. It was a very happy accident! Nani is extremely patient, talented & kind. At the time when I began seeing her for lessons, I was experiencing a huge lack of self confidence & stage fright (even though I had been singing for years). Slowly through our working together I began to regain my confidence and improve my skills. She was a lifeline for me throughout that semester. Two years ago I wanted to audition for a college production of Cabaret and I texted her to beg for an audition prep/lesson. She was more than accommodating to my request - thankfully she had an open evening for us to meet. We met twice more to get me ready for callbacks, etc. I got the part! I know it was not only my dedication & talent, but having Nani on my side reminding me that I could totally do this was my secret weapon. I've gone to her for other auditions, & will continue to do so if we ever get back to live performances. She has an awesome new lower level studio where she holds her lessons. It's just the two of you & she encourages you to feel safe & protected, to feel free to explore the music & see yourself in a different way. She has dogs, but if you're not afraid they're a wonderful mini audience! Overall if you're in need of a voice coach who is experienced, affordable & amazing at what she does - then call Nani. You will not regret it.

Veronica E.

Nani is a fantastic vocal teacher whom I wish I could've learned from earlier in life. She focuses on catering to each student's needs and goals, which has been invaluable in my being to sing easier and better. I'd recommend anyone with an interest in singing to study from her!

Sei H.

If you are looking for the ideal vocal music instructor, look no farther!  My 5th grade students have worked with Nani on several projects, both in-person and virtually.  With her positivity and encouragement, Nani is able to reach out and engage every learner, even with a large group of children, even in a Zoom session.  Nani's talent and creativity can meet any musical challenge, and she adapts her lessons as she works to resolve every concern.  Nani's kind, caring nature reassures every learner; her compassion shines through, even during the most difficult times.  My students look forward to each and every lesson they have with Nani to guide them.  Bravo, Nani!   I look forward to our next collaboration!    :)

Susan C.

For some time, my wife had been looking around at different music schools for a  program that balances technique and theory, similar to her musical training. We were also hesitant to put our daughter into any type of private lesson for her first musical experience not knowing if she would like singing. 
I first met Nani in a hula class and discovered she is a professional opera singer. Our daughter naturally gravitated towards Nani so we decided to give the private session a try. After the first lesson we were amazed on how much our daughter learned and Nani was able to immediately correct some of our daughter's bad habits. 
Nani taught her the proper way to use and care for her voice as an instrument, not to over stress and prevent long-term damage. Nani is extremely patient and has a passion for sharing her joy of music with her students. This is evident during the bi-annual recitals and watching the interactions amongst her students.
We are most impressed about Nani for the way she tailors her teaching style to the student. Our younger son begged us to take voice lessons after watching how much our daughter was learning. Now our children love to sing and perform together.
If you are looking for a music or voice teacher, we highly recommend Nani.

Tom D.

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