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In order to ensure that you or your child get the most effective and creative teaching possible, the following policies have been established. 

This policy is consistent with those of sports teams, camps, and dojo’s that place a high priority on regular attendance and diligent commitment. Please choose a time that works with your other extracurricular activities.


The lesson year runs from August 10, 2020-May 29, 2021, and guarantees an instructor will be present to teach 36 lessons each year. There are 3 payment options :

1 payment on Aug. 5th:

$2000, 30-minute lesson

$2800, 45-minute lesson

$3750, 60-minute lesson

2 payments on Aug 5th & Jan 5th:

$1000, 25-minute lesson

$1400, 45-minute lesson

$1875, 60-minute-lesson

10 Monthly Installments due on the 5th of each month

(Aug –May):

$200/month, 30-minute lesson

$280/month, 45-minute lesson

$375/month, 60-minute lesson

If for any reason you must stop lessons, one month’s notice is required. At that time, tuition will be prorated for your final month to reflect the number of lessons that you have received based on the last lesson date. You will be required to pay this balance within 30 days. If tuition is not fully paid by the 20th of the due month, a 10% charge will be added to the unpaid balance. A $25 charge will be added to all NSF checks. After receiving the second NSF check, all future payments must be in cash only. If you anticipate difficulties, please contact me so I can help. Checks should be made out to Nani Sinha.

Lessons are also available a la carte for adults, one-off coaching, and audition prep sessions at the rate of:

$65/30 minutes

$80/45 minutes 

$120/60 minutes

Lesson Options & Rates

2023 rates for discounted, regular weekly students paid at the beginning of the month are:

$40/ 25 minutes ($160/ month for 4 lessons)
$60/ 40 minutes ($240/ month for 4 lessons)
$80/ 55 minutes ($320/ month for 4 lessons)

Standard rate for all drop-in students and those who take less than four sessions a month is:

$55 / 25 minutes

$75 / 40 minutes

$95 55 minutes


  • 25, 40, or 55-minute lessons offered, all levels.

  • Lessons for children and young adults typically include warm-ups, basic vocal training appropriate for children, beginning music theory & musicianship skills, beginning harmony, keyboard skills for singers, fundamental sight-singing, history of music, stage movement & audition prep, work on child-appropriate repertoire including Broadway, Pop, Disney, Indie & Folk music.

  • Lessons for adults expand upon basics and include more advanced warm-ups and vocal exercises, advanced musicianship and harmony, work with classical technique and its applications in Pop, Rock, Broadway, Opera, and other genres.

  • Nani also coaches students on audition preparation, movement for the stage, languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Hawaiian, Latin, Hebrew, Yiddish), acting, preparation for choral singing and choral auditions, and counseling advice on preparing for college music auditions.

Piano Lessons

  • 25, 40, or 55-minute lessons offered, beginning and early intermediate students.

  • Piano lessons for children, young adults, and adults typically include: warm-ups, beginning technique, developing memorization skills, ear training, emphasis on sight-reading proficiency and developing confidence when approaching new music, rhythmic skills, reading chord symbols and a basic Pop/Jazz lead sheet, introduction to music history, scales, sight-singing, in addition to working through a variety of method books and the standard repertoire for beginning piano.

Piano & Voice Combo

  • 40, 55, or 70-minute lessons offered.

  • Many students want to learn both piano and voice, which is highly recommended for singers in particular. In order to cover the appropriate amount of material however, the lessons must be 45 minutes minimum for children ages 3-8, and at least 60 minutes for children 8 and above (depending on students’ level).

Please arrive to your lessons in a timely manner. Tardiness may not allow for the lesson to be extended. If there is a student after you, the lesson will be short and end at the time predetermined. For example: if the lesson is to be from 2:30pm to 3:30pm, and you arrive at 2:45pm, the lesson may only be 45 minutes long. This includes traffic.



If a student misses a lesson, they will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. Remember that tuition pays for far more than just lesson time. If you or your child is well enough (not contagious and does not have a fever) to attend school or work, do not hesitate to come to your lesson. Although we may not be singing, we will have a non-singing lesson that includes music theory, ear-training, and rhythm reading exercises. We can also use this time to listen to new repertoire and choose new music. The non-singing lesson is very productive and yet allows the student to rest their instrument. (Please cancel lessons if you have a serious illness or you will be sent home!)

If you are concerned with the thought that you may be charged for services not rendered, please be assured that your tuition is always working for you. I spend a great deal of time outside of lessons choosing repertoire, planning, and participating in online and in-person professional development. I kindly remind all students and families that between teaching, planning, and audition prepping –I guarantee that all students receive more of my professional time than you actually pay for.

You can also opt to have an online lesson via Zoom/Skype/Facetime/Facebook Messenger; swap a time with another student; or simply call to chat about you or your child’s progress during the time your lesson is reserved. We encourage students auditioning for shows to list their weekly voice lesson as a rehearsal conflict. Rehearsal is not an excused absence from a lesson, though we will do our best to reschedule the lesson if time allows.


Students are expected to come to their lessons prepared. This will mean different things for each student. This will always include coming to lessons with all of your materials including assigned music and a pencil. In the rare case that a student leaves their music behind or does not complete the preparation asked, the instructor reserves the right to end the lesson early.


The studio hosts a special event each month, whether it be a Master Class, a Q&A, Group Chat, or Recital. I am happy to provide this time together for about an hour and a half each month. It creates a sense of studio family. These events are free of charge unless otherwise stated, and attendance is not required. All events are listed in the online calendar for your convenience.


Regrettably, we will have to dismiss a student if any of these circumstances occur: • Failure to pay tuition on time • Persistent absences • Uncooperative attitude • Failure to follow practice as instructed • Lack of progress due to insufficient practice or unfulfilled requirements. 


It is very important that the instructor have updated contact information for each student, including phone number, a mailing address, and an email address. Please notify the instructor of any changes in this information. Feel free to email, call, or text. If you need to miss a lesson, please notify as soon as possible. Feel free to write at any time about what is happening with you or your child or just to ask questions. We love hearing from you!

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