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19th Amendment Turns 100


2020 brought us the Centennial Birthday of the 19th Amendment.

I teamed up with the incredible Elizabeth Myers to create three short videos that use art song to relay the importance of this historic event.

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum the 100th birthday of the 19th Amendment deserves celebration. I invite you to view these videos made with honor and love.

ART SONG THE VOTE - presents the lyrical music of the past and the present in the context of today's most pressing issues. This is a "love note" from Elizabeth Myers & Nandani Maria Sinha reminding all you ladies to vote. The music is "Er, der Herrlichste von allen" (He, the noblest of all) from Frauenliebe und Leben by Robert Schumann.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Women's Right to Vote in the United States. In honor of all the women and men who have marched, protested, sacrificed, gone on hunger strikes and put their lives and reputations on the line in the name of social change, we created this video to remind all the ladies in America to make sure you vote this year! Art Song the Vote is a project that Elizabeth Myers and I started to celebrate this year and our cultural heritage. The lyrics are by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The music is by Liz and I am singing the words from Stanton's last public speech.

Music by Johannes Brahms, piano by Elizabeth Myers, cello by Paula Hochhalter, mezzo-soprano Nandani Maria Sinha, photographs by Antoine Julien (old church), Austin Schmid (jumping child), and the Library of Congress (vintage photographs).


If you enjoy these videos please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.

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