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  • A Music Stand for at-home practice. This will help you keep your sheet music organized at home and encourages good posture while practicing. It’s essential to have a dedicated spot to practice at home - this will help you to develop a good practice routine.

  • Binder - this is how you will keep all your lesson music organized. (Ok this one is basically a requirement. If you don’t have one already, get thee some organization!) Get a ½” if you don’t have too much music, and a 1” if you have lots or are planning to build your sheet music library.

  • Earbuds for at-home practice, and audio clarity if we are having volume/connection issues, or you want to to use the “share computer audio” option for clearer backing tracks. Check to make sure your earbuds have a built in microphone and are compatible with whatever device(s) you plan to use.

  • Mirror - having access to one at home for self-assessment is a really good idea.

  • Therabands - SUPER useful and extremely versatile tool to help with a myriad of singing issues! I like this set as it includes three different levels of tension.

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  • A Practicing Journal - if you need written structure to stay on task, this is a great assist to your at-home practicing. The book comes in several colors. If you prefer the digital route, there is a practice log tool in your student portal at where you can log practice hours as well as notes and goals for yourself.

  • Straws for straw phonation. I like reusable/washable ones like these, which come with a cleaning brush. (Yes you should wash your straw every couple of days, or it WILL become a breeding ground for bacteria. Ew.)

  • Yoga ball - indispensable tool in my opinion for promoting grounding, good breathing, dynamic alignment, rhythmic accuracy, and so much more! Be sure to read up on sizing so you get the correct height for yourself. Kid size ball here for students between 4’7” and 5’0”.

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​If you are really gung ho about maximizing your musical education and want to go the extra mile, here are some additional recommendations.

  • Keyboard - this is by no means a small investment, but if you have some basic piano skills, or would like to develop them, and would like to be able to plunk out/teach yourself notes at home, this keyboard kit is a great deal, as it comes with everything you need, including a stool, stand, and headphones. **Please note that if you have any intention of serious piano study, this would not be a suitable instrument. For serious piano study, you need an instrument with weighted or at least semi-weighted keys.**

  • All in one adult piano course - Recommended for adults and teens who have a desire to self-teach and develop basic competency at the keyboard, and improve basic note reading skills. Please see above regarding my note for a suitable instrument for more serious piano study.

  • Music Theory Book - recommended for kids and/or teens with minimal to no training/music reading skills. The exercises in this book develop note reading and rhythm skills in a fun and engaging way. There are also additional levels in this series for students with a bit more experience.

Want to build your own music library? Check out these recommended resources!

Recommended Teen Musical Theater Anthologies

Recommended Anthologies for Adults

Recommended Middle School Musical Theater Anthologies:

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